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Can Yoga Help Pelvic Girdle Pain?

Pelvic pain varies in severity from pregnancy to pregnancy. The pain is felt in the front of the pelvis and low down, and can also be felt in the inner thighs.

The pain will be more noticeable when walking upstairs, turning over in bed, following a very active day or standing for long periods.

Pelvic Girdle pain is caused by the hormone relaxin which causes the connective tissue in the body to relax, thus causing the front of the pelvis to separate. Minor separation can be advantageous during labour, to allow the baby to pass through, however excessive separation can be difficult to manage daily especially if you are a mum of young children already or have an active job.

So how can Yoga help? Well, all yoga poses and stretches can be adapted modified to suit all abilities. This ensure everyone can reap the benefits of the practise. Chair yoga is ideal for women having difficulties with PGP or practising the asanas/postures in Golden Triangle.

**While Yoga can be helpful and has many benefits it is advised to seek professional medical advice at the onset of pain prior to beginning yoga.



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